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Our Workplace Harassment & Preventative Training provides a comprehensive approach to defining, identifying, and preventing the following acts while in a place of employment:

  • Harassment in the workplace.
  • Sexual harassment in the workplace.
  • Workplace violence/hostile working environment.
  • Discrimination in the workplace.

In addition:

  • We will review your business/organization policy regarding the workplace.
  • Possibly identify additional preventative measures.
  • Address consequences and employer’s course of action for violations.
  • Discuss diversity, causes of harassment, how to address a complaint and much more.

Employer Benefits

  • Federal and State law compliance to implement preventative measures.
  • Strengthen your position as an EEO Employer.
  • Documented preventative training.
  • Tax deduction for your business.

Flexible Training Options

  • Our training materials are current. In our lectures, we utilize PowerPoint and video presentation.
  • 2-hour, 4-hour and 8-hour courses.
  • Our 2-hour training includes a lecture and feedback instructions.
  • Our 4-hour and 8-hour courses include a lecture, feedback, and working-group instructions.
  • Printed materials or study guides are recommended, although optional.
  • Employee testing is optional.
  • Training sessions can include 2 to 300+ employees.
  • Short notice training may be available.
  • Evenings to include 2nd and 3rd shifts, weekends and holiday trainings are available.

Additional Information

Our qualified instructors possess extensive educational and work experience to professionally present our training courses.

We offer our professional courses are affordable.

Mileage includes up to 40 miles one-way, 80 miles round-trip. Additional mileage rate will apply.

Webinars and virtual training COMING SOON!

Nationwide services available.


Many research studies report that nearly 70% of workplace harassment/discrimination goes unreported.

Just because workplace harassment and discrimination incidents are not reported, does not mean that it does not exist.

"Professionalism and Integrity, at its best."

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