J.A. Investigative Services, LLC.


In all of our investigations, our job is to be the fact-finderwhether good or indifferent for our client.

We do not manipulate facts, we do not steer interviewees so that the outcome is in favor of any organization, nor do we hide the truth with false documentation.  We have a ZERO tolerance policy for clients that do not want the truth or facts to be disclosed. We take pride in our work and stand behind our principle of “Integrity”.

Our investigation services reduce the chance of investigations being compromised because there is NO conflict of interest- no working/dating relationship, no social relationship, no unfriendly relationship or no vested interest from our investigators. ASK YOURSELF THIS?  How can an investigation among employees be considered neutral, unbiased and reliable when more likely than not, the involved parties have had direct and indirect encounters with each other in the past?  It can’t be!!!  It is not fair and it is not impartial.


In our Preventative Training Courses, we have developed original content for our curriculums to ensure up-to-date information to meet the needs of various businesses and organizations.  Our courses are flexible and modern in content.  We have incorporated active participation prompts from audiences, interactive working-groups as a teaching format and video/audio technology to enhance stimulation and focus.  Also, in the near future we will be conducting webinars and offering online courses.  Our instructors are professional, qualified and have a passion to teach others.


  • At J.A. Investigative Services, our investigators are dedicated to conducting extensive and thorough investigations and professional trainings.
  • We specialize in providing investigations and preventative training in the fields of: workplace harassment, workplace sexual harassment, workplace discrimination, workplace retaliation, workplace violence and school/organization bullying.
  • Our investigators are licensed and possesses decades of law enforcement experience.
  • Our instructors are master-level educators, human resources administrators and college instructors.
  • We have experienced conducting various investigation entities- to include criminal cases, civil and family cases, EEO investigations and extensive background investigations.
  • We are truthful, unbiased and ethical at all times.
  • We will provide comprehensive, impartial and accurate results.
  • All investigations will be conducted in a professional and confidential manner.
  • We 101% stand behind our motto, “Professionalism and Integrity, at its best.”
  • Our clientele includes individuals, businesses, schools, non-profit organizations and attorneys. We also provide Internal Affairs Investigations to government and law enforcement agencies.
  • We go where the evidence leads us. Nationwide services available.

"Professionalism and Integrity, at its best."

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