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7 Reasons Why Employees Need Annual Workplace Harassment Training

Studying workplace harassment and conducting prevention training within any company is very important because of the innumerable negative consequences linked with it. It can have a tremendous emotional impact on the victim/witness and on the company’s reputation and liability. For instance, some harassment encounters have resulted in emotional stress, complaints about health issues, low morale, and less job satisfaction. Employees working under those circumstances may have an adverse effect on the organization’s profitability, through lower productivity, higher absenteeism and increased safety risks.  

In order to change future behavior of the harasser and to protect employees from becoming victims, providing trainings on how to identify harassment and responding to workplace harassment is crucially important. Such trainings can make the employees feel as though their company’s first and foremost priority is to provide them a safer and hostile free environment to work in. This also reflects the organization’s devotion of time and resources for the emotional and physical betterment of their employees.  

Annual trainings on the Prevention and Control of Workplace Harassment should include at least 7 primary focuses: 

  1. Reviewing and acknowledging the company’s current anti-harassment policy. 
  2. Clearly identifying what harassment, discrimination and retaliation is. 
  3. Clearly identifying what is not harassment. 
  4. Introducing employees to different types of harassing situations through prevention training, to include verbal, non-verbal, and physical acts, since in many cases, the victim or the harasser might not know what offenses are prohibited. 
  5. Informing employees of their right to work in a harassment-free environment. 
  6. Promoting and encouraging reporting so that such incidents are addressed in a prompt and fair manner. 
  7. Informing violators of strict consequences. 

More and more, victims are beginning to stand up for themselves more.  Victims want to be heard and feel supported and protected by the employer.  If an employee learns how to recognize, respond, and report a harassment issue without the fear of being retaliated against or ostracized, then this can ultimately help in recreating a healthy and positive environment for everyone in the organization.  This in turn will effectively increase both the satisfaction level of the employees as well as the productivity and profitability of the organization.  

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